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I am a personal stylist based in Annapolist, MD with a passion for transformation. I help women create wardrobes that reflect their personality, lifestyle, and goals. Everyone deserves to look and feel fabulous, regardless of age, shape, or occupation. Whether you need a complete makeover, a seasonal update, or a special occasion outfit, I can help you look and feel your best.

I have a degree in economics and worked in a large international bank in my hometown of Minsk. I loved it. I later transitioned into training other employees and creating content for the courses. I loved it even more. I enjoyed creating visual stories for my courses and learning new skills. This is where I realized that beauty and style play an essential role in my life. I decided to take a leap of faith and dive into this industry head first. I started working in the beauty industry and enjoyed every minute of it.

Life makes unexpected turns; I fell in love and moved to America to start a new life with my husband in a new country. With that move came another leap of faith. I have always loved visual design and fashion and come from a family of visual artists. I decided to turn my lifelong passion for style and transformation into my career.

Over the years, working with dozens of clients, I have developed a system that helps people find an image and wardrobe that reflects as much as it projects their personality, character, and temperament.

Style and fashion are not just about things; they are more about our feelings, self-expression, inner comfort, and well-being. What we wear dramatically influences us. What is outside gets reflected on the inside; what we have inside gets projected outward. It's a constant feedback loop that we can impact. Style is the easiest, most powerful, and quickest way to change our inner state, improve our self-esteem, and feel confident and beautiful.

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