Personal Stylist
Kate Chumak

Personal style development and wardrobe management
My style principles are:
  • To help you discover your style
  • To boost your confidence and inspire you to love yourself
  • To put comfort and quality first
  • To create a stylish and functional wardrobe system for years to come
  • To tailor services to your personality, budget, needs, and lifestyle
  • To save you time and money by helping you make informed choices and avoiding costly wardrobe mistakes
  • To solve the eternal problem of a “closet full of clothes with nothing to wear.”
About me
I am a personal stylist based in Annapolist, MD with a passion for transformation. I help women create wardrobes that reflect their personality, lifestyle, and goals. Everyone deserves to look and feel fabulous, regardless of age, shape, or occupation. Whether you need a complete makeover, a seasonal update, or a special occasion outfit, I can help you look and feel your best.
How I help my clients
The most common problems faced by my clients
  • Your wardrobe is overloaded, but you can't find anything to wear
  • The very idea of shopping causes stress and anxiety
  • Choosing clothing is a despair-inducing exercise for you
  • You constantly buy new clothes but never feel happy about your wardrobe
Here are some examples of my work
I have worked with Kate over the course of almost two months on upgrading (or rather completely redoing) my wardrobe. I needed everything, my inner minimalist previously cleansed the closet so well that there was nothing left to wear. We went on a nice big shopping adventure in store and then online. Katya prepared thoroughly for every stage of the process making it a fun and very efficient exercise. She listened to my wants and needs, but she also made sure I didn't make hasty or unnecessary purchases. The end result was so overwhelmingly amazing, that I am still having a hard time finding words of gratitude to her. The wardrobe is so me, but such a fresh and bright reflection of me. It's not crowded, but it has a million combinations of items (I am not kidding, I am contemplating to actually count them). I have been using Katya's detailed guide to dress every day. I couldn't be happier. She made my year!
Kate, I just wanted to thank you for my new capsule wardrobe. Every day I get dressed I keep thinking that I’m so glad that I chose you as my stylist. No more “nothing to wear” headaches! I just take any clothes and it matches to all my other stuff. Saves me so much time. I remember wasting my time at the mirror trying stuff on, nothing was matching. Not anymore.
Also, the wardrobe file that you prepared for me is amazing! I always look at it when I need an inspiration on what to wear. Now I know what colors are the best for me and can easily use your fashion tips to buy some more items if needed. Hoping to work with you again next season!
Katerina is amazing stylist, very thoughtful and professional. She helped me to organize my wardrobe and brought fresh breeze into my looks. She showed me conbinations that I’d never though of and gave me organisation tips, so that it’s easier for me to put looks together daily. Before our meeting she sent me some style books which was fun to look at and provide feedback, based on my feedback she was able to understand my preferences, likes and dislikes, and flawlessly determined and described my style. After our wardrobe organisation session I was able to walk away with clear understanding of what items I need to add to my wardrobe to make it work 100%. In edition to her aesthetic vision she has amazing personality, she’s very easy going and delicate, it was an amazing time, I’d definitely have seasonal sessions with her to make sure my wardrobe is a collection of immaculate items that work together perfectly.
Kate, it was a great pleasure working with you! From wardrobe analysis to compiling the final presentation, I was always looking forward to something new and super useful.
I liked your approach - an item should not only be beautiful but also comfortable. I appreciated that you didn't impose fashion trends but instead sought out what would suit me specifically, taking into account my preferences, yet not hesitating to suggest something new.
In online shopping, it was very valuable that you promptly responded to the photos and videos of the new items I sent you. It was great that when the jackets I ordered didn't work out repeatedly, you didn't settle for any of them just to have something, but instead searched for new options. And it's okay that we ultimately skipped that position (and how many winters are there anyway))), but at least we didn't buy low-quality items or something that didn't look perfect.
I was amazed at how many combinations could be made with the newly purchased items and how well they could be paired with existing ones!
Thank you for your support, sincerity, honesty, and thorough approach!

“You don’t have to be stylish; just find a stylish friend” (Maye Musk. A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty, and Success).

Why did I wait so long to ask for help? Ekaterina completely helped me with my wardrobe. After a one-hour discussion about my lifestyle, my expectations, and my problems, She very methodically organized my closet. Surprisingly she kept a lot of my cloth and showed me how to combine items I had never considered wearing together. Based on my budget, Ekaterina made a shopping list that complemented my wardrobe and added style and color to my look. I don’t like shopping, but with Ekaterina, it was fun and easy. It’s like going shopping with your best friend. She is a dedicated professional who helps her clients. She styled all aspects of my life: mom's routine, date nights, theater life, and girl's night out. In my opinion, it’s better to pay money to her, instead waste money on tons of unwearable clothes. Now I have only usable things and I stopped wasting a time to think what to wear. Ekaterina created a big look-book for me and now I jumped in my look in a minute. Save your money and time - go and ask help from your future stylish friend. I highly recommend Ekaterina’s services.
I had been looking for professional like Ekaterina for a long time and finally found her! She helped me to get rid of old and out of date jackets , dresses and pants. After that the real work started is to find my own style in clothes. Find style that specifically will have to disadvantages of my body and will show all advantages. She was able to find the clothes that is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Wonderful experience!
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