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If you have an important event (graduation, wedding, corporate party, photoshoot, etc.) but are unsure what to wear to look your best, contact me, and I will help you choose the best look for the occasion.

What is included in the service:
  • Preparation
    Questionnaire and style test. It helps identify your individual needs, budget, dress code, and preferences.
  • Shopping
    Set a date for our shopping that works for you. In the meantime, I will pre-shop and create 2-3 looks with accessories for you. Then, we meet in-store to try new clothes, or you can order all the items online, which we'll discuss over a video call.
What you get as a result:
  • A stylish outfit that makes you look your best and perfectly suits the event format.

  • Your time, energy, and money back by investing them in the right purchases efficiently.

  • A confidence boost.

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